Community Youths Performing Valuable Service Work

Rev. Dr. G.T. Schramm lending a helping hand
Molly Bertone and Zoe Bailey work diligently preparing the bathrooms.

Ok, who is going to get up on the ladder?
Anika Wirt reaching the high spots

We don’t always hear about the good deeds of others, so I want to thank  Molly Bertone, Zoe Bailey and Anika Wirt for all their hard work.  Zoe, Molly and Anika spent their weekend painting the Treasure Kid’s bathrooms.  This was no small endeavor since the existing paint was in disrepair after many years of little children.  After day one, it was obvious that the paint that was guaranteed to be one coat would require another coat.  As panic set in (I only had a one day work commitment) Anika, Molly and Zoe stepped up to the plate and volunteered to work another day of their weekend!  They gave up their Saturday so we could apply another coat of paint!  The girls extraordinary efforts got it done in time for the start of Treasure Kids this year!  I also have to give a warm heartfelt thank you to our Team Leader Siobhan Bertone whose guidance was invaluable.  Thank you all………                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Diane Johnston, Business Manager