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The Rev. Dr. George T. (GT) Schramm, Rector
The Rev. Frank Coe, Priest Associate
The Rev. Charlie Holder, Priest Associate
Ms. Diane Johnston, Parish Administrator
Mrs. Lora Hammersla, Organist
Mr. David Bryant, Choir Director

July 6, 2017 

COMMUNITY BIBLE SCHOOL will be held July 18, 19 and 20 this year from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM.  Lots and lots of volunteers are needed.  They are in need of “shepherds” to go with the children from station to station.  Galactic Starveyors will be the curriculum for the days.  The opening each day will be at St. Agnes Chapel and the closing well be here at Trinity.  Registration forms are available on the table in the Fellowship Hall for your use.  Please return them to the Office when they are filled out. 

SUMMER SUNDAYS there are still two services here at Trinity Church.  Our usual Sunday School does not operate in the summer.  We ask that children who are able to, stay in church with their parents.  Other children can go to a summer Sunday school program in the parish house.  There is a sign-up sheet in the Fellowship Hall asking for help with that program.  We are grateful to all of you who have already signed up. If you can spend some time with our wonderful children on a Sunday morning please sign up.  We have resources available to help if you need them.

OUR BOOK CLUB will continue to meet in the Trinity House Parlor on Monday’s beginning at 9:30 AMThe current book is, Christianity after Religion by Diana Butler Bass.  The next session is July 17.   The group will NOT meet on July 10.

OUR PROGRAM SELLING   Martin’s, Food Lion and Sheetz Gift Cards have started to count again for 2017.  In 2016 we sold over $100,000 of cards.  Trinity gets about 5% of what we sell.

ALTAR FLOWER SIGN UP is on the Board in the Narthex of the church (Notice it has been moved).  The flowers are $30 for each week.  You will be called for your designation and you can put your check in the plate.  Flowers are then distributed to sick, shut ins and nursing homes following the services on Sunday by the Altar Guild.  We are grateful to all of you who participate in this ministry.  In addition we have now been able to provide Organ Flowers for your designation.  They too are $30.00.  There is a NEW sign-up sheet in the narthex.  The system is the same as for Altar Flowers.

TRINITY HAS SPACES on our beautiful grounds that are gardens.  Those gardens need special attention all summer.  As a result we have formed a Garden GuildShannon Taylor has agreed to be the coordinator of the group.  Please let her know that you will help.  We are so grateful for all the weeds already pulled and the new plants that are in the ground!!  Many thanks to Roy Winkel who not only donated the new barberry’s on the west side, but also planted them. Thanks also goes out to Pat Egle, Paula Lelansky, Jane McSwain and Melissa Chapman for all their help keeping the grounds beautiful.     

PLEASE REMEMBER as summer travel begins, that Trinity’s financial needs continue.  Please make every effort to keep your contributions as current as possible.

COFFEE HOUR is a wonderful part of our time together on Sunday mornings.  It need not be an elaborate affair and is not designed to be lunch.  There are still a few spots this summer that need volunteers.  If you can help with July 23 or August 27 we would appreciate it.

THE CONGRATULATIONS of the congregation are extended to Kristin Helmick and Barrett Henson who were united in Holy Matrimony on Saturday, July 1.  May their home be a haven of blessing and peace.”

SOME INTEREST HAS BEEN EXPRESSED for Trinity to offer Laying on of Hands for Healing.  We will begin to offer that Sacrament as part of the Holy Eucharist that is held on Wednesdays at 8:00 AM.  Laying on of Hands will be offered on the First Wednesday of each month.  Of course the offering can be expanded as the need dictates so let us know.

BOOK BAGS WILL BE BACK SOON.   Once again we will be supporting the Back Packs for Needy Children program in Jefferson County.  Particulars are forthcoming.

OUR SUNDAY PRAYER LIST is available to all who need our prayers (one reason it tends to be long).  You are welcome to add a concern to the list at any time by calling or emailing the Office or speaking to one of the clergy.  We ask, however, that you help in keeping the list as up to date as possible.  Recently, we discovered that we had kept a name of a person who had died weeks before on the list. We have no way of  knowing if you do not tell us so please keep track of the list and help us keep it as current as possible. It is also possible to use the Emergency Prayer Chain for an immediate concern.  You can activate the Prayer Chain by calling the Office.  A group of folks have agreed to pray for three days for the concern that is given them.  Though those names can be added to the prayer list for Sunday, often they are not.  Again, all we ask is to be kept informed.

TREASURE KIDS, our wonderful preschool program, is on hiatus for the summer months.  However, they continue to accept applications for new students to begin in the fall.  If you know of any who could benefit from the program, please ask them to call the office so we can send them an application form.  Mary Lee Blue, our Director, is also willing to meet with parents to explain the program.

SPECIAL THANKS is extended to Bill Chapman for repairing and providing new parts for the Gutters on the back side of the Fellowship Hall!

“The goodness of God fills all the gaps of the universe, without discrimination or preference. God is the gratuity of absolutely everything.  The space in between everything is not space at all but Spirit. God is the “Goodness Glue” that hold the dark and light of things together,Grace is what God does to keep all things God has made in love and alive—forever. Grace is not something God gives grace is who God is.” (Fr. Richard Rohr) 


8 a.m. Chalice:  Mike Jacobs                  10 a.m. Chalice: Jack Egle

Lesson and Psalm: Sam Cuthbert (Genesis 24:34-38, 42-49, 58-67, Psalm 45:11-18)

Epistle: Carol Mannel (Romans 7:15-25a)

Prayers: Henry Evans (Rite II, Form V)

Coffee Hour:  Aileen Boyd, Ginny Singdalsen and Margaret Coe

Greeters: Chris and Karissa Horowicz

Acolytes: Kira Baldau; Ashley Study; Molly McCook; Madison McCook; Scott Leonard; Max Romine

Altar Guild: Lane Donley; Lucille Waltz (emeritus); Wendy Moseley (emeritus); Flora Henderson; Pat Egle; Bonnie Austin; Sue Lane; Amy Debreuler; Joy Johnson; Judy Michael; Melissa Chapman  

Nursery: Caitlin Degenfelder                     Backup Layreader for July:  Henry Evans

ORGAN FLOWERS are given to the glory of God by Tom Katrinak and Flora and Roy Henderson.  

ALTAR FLOWERS are given to the glory of God by Libby and Alan Sturm in loving memory of Libby’s Mother Mildred Fletcher.                         

                        ASSISTANTS –JULY 16, 2017 SIXTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST 

8 a.m. Chalice: Mark Abdy                10 a.m. Chalice: Shannon Taylor

Lesson and Psalm: Christel Devlin (Genesis 25:19-34, Psalm 119:105-112)

Epistle: Shannon Taylor (Romans 8:1-11)

Prayers: Christel Devlin (Rite I)

Coffee Hour: Margaret and David Coe

Greeters: Richard and Mary Lee Blue   

Acolytes: Will and Hannah Moerschel; Olivia Asam; Campbell Asam; Jimmie Goldsboro; Sam Goldsboro; Jackson Thompson

Altar Guild: Lane Donley; Lucille Waltz; Wendy Moseley; Flora Henderson; Pat Egle;

Bonnie Austin; Sue Lane; Amy Debreuler; Joy Johnson; Judy Michael; Melissa Chapman. 

Nursery:  Caitlin Degenfelder                       Backup Layreader for July: Henry Evans

ORGAN FLOWERS are given to the glory of God by Tom Katrinak and Flora and Roy Henderson.

ALTAR FLOWERS are given to the glory of God in thanksgiving for their wedding anniversary by GT and Susie Schramm.